Health Navigator Partners, LLC

Partnering with patients to navigate the health care system


Welcome to Health Navigator Partners, where I partner with you to navigate the complicated health care system. 

Whether or not you are ill, managing your health these days can be confusing and overwhelming.  From health insurance choices and coverage rules, doctors' visits, tests and procedures to diagnosis, treatment, and coordination of medical information, your path to health can be fraught with administrative complications, lack of coordination, incorrect billing and coverage denials. Caregivers and their administrative personnel do not set out to make things difficult for patients but the system is so complicated and multi-layered that there is not much time to ease patients through the necessary processes with compassion and understanding.

I will guide you through the administrative maze of provider offices, hospitals, insurance and payment procedures, health information and multiple treatment options, with caring and sensitivity. I have expertise gained from experience in hospital and managed care settings. Whether you need to appeal a denial of insurance coverage, express a concern about quality of care, coordinate information and records from multiple providers or ensure the accuracy of your medical bills, I can reduce the fragmentation and disorganization of your individual care by helping you navigate the complex health care system, efficiently, effectively and sympathetically. 

I will ease your concerns by assisting you to:

  1. Ensure that your voice is heard in a busy, complex system

  2. Navigate the complicated procedures for obtaining care or insurance coverage

  3. Effectively communicate with your providers

  4. Efficiently access the health care you need

  The Services page will give you an idea of how I might help you.

  Please contact me to discuss your specific situation. 

  I will be happy to assist you!